Romania – The Macroeconomic Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis

In this analysis, Ella Kallai and Laurian Lungu look at the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Romanian economy. The paper starts by highlighting macroeconomic imbalances that existed prior to the crisis. It then assesses the impact on labor markets and economic sectors underscoring the consequences for public finances and country risk. Finally, the analysis addresses the fundamental issue of restarting the economy in the context of the European Green Deal. This analysis was prepared for the Energy Policy Group (EPG) as part of a European Climate Foundation grant.  Download the full analysis

Ritmul de creştere al pensiilor va fi anul viitor mai mare decât cel al salariilor.

Politica pensiilor publice a fost, în ultimele trei decenii, un instrument utilizat intens electoral. Restructurarea economică de la sfârşitul mileniului trecut şi un avans demografic defavorabil au dus la situaţia de astăzi în care 5,6 milioane de salariaţi activi susţin 5,2 milioane de pensionari. Creşterea puterii de cumpărare a pensionarilor este o problemă socială în sine, dat fiind nivelul iniţial redus al pensiei, pentru marea majoritate a acestora. Dar, aşa cum s-a implementat în ultima decadă şi jumătate, politica pensiilor publice a devenit un factor de obstrucţie în elevarea potenţialului de creştere economică. Angrenând periodic cheltuieli masive, de o magnitudine […]

Energy Strategy Summit 2019

CPAG co-founder Laurian Lungu was a guest speaker at the 5th edition of the Energy Strategy Summit organised by in Bucharest, on 11 June 2019. Main points made in the speech: Highlighted a few aspects which would impact Romania’s energy transition process towards achieving its 2030 climate and energy targets, as envisaged by the EU’s energy strategy objectives, namely: The link between economic growth and energy consumption. Dual challenge facing the energy industry, i.e. reducing emissions but keeping up the world demand for energy. Financing the energy transition process. Traditionally, the correlation between economic growth and energy consumption was […]

Discussing about Euro adoption in Croatia

CPAG co-founder Laurian Lungu was a panel speaker at the “Moy glas u EU” conference organised in Zagreb, Croatia on 24 April 2019. The focus of the panel discussion was the effects of Euro adoption in Croatia. It was an absorbing debate, especially given some existing similarities between the economies of Croatia and Romania, such as a relatively high euroisation rate, the managed float exchange rate regime, the strong trade integration with the Eurozone or the revival of the political will to adopt the euro. Croatia has taken large strides towards adopting the euro. Among the six remaining EU countries […]